I am a Graphic Designer by trade and I love all things visual. So when I moved to Bangkok in Thailand for three years I was overwhelmed by the saturation of colour, vibrant patterns and the strong light. I began to design patterns inspired by what I saw... the fish, boats, plants, birds, tribal fabrics etc.

After my daughter - Bea - was born ... I began to visualise these patterns as fabrics made into kids clothes. Blending the vitality and flavour of the East with western simplicity and quality. I sourced a textile printers in Bangkok and had samples made-up by a seamstress. My dresses drew compliments from other parents and I decided to try to develop the idea further.

Now living back in Reading in the UK, I have carefully sourced manufacturers here. The cotton fabric is digitally printed by Magic Textiles in Leek, and the dresses are sewn by the bespoke dressmakers - The Sampling Unit, in London.

Rockmelon produces beautiful, simple clothes which are designed and produced in he UK.